• Metallic Countertop kit - Deluxe

    The Standard Plaster Paint Counter Top Kit includes everything you should need to complete approximately 22 liner feet of counter space. If you have a larger kitchen or one with an island you may want to purchase the Deluxe Plaster Paint kit which covers...

  • RestoreĀ® Synthetic Bristle Brushes

    Premium brushes for innovative furniture painting - Because the best results deserve the best brush Handmade in Europe by master artist brush craftsman and produced with only the finest Poly Blend Synthetic bristle and high tech synthetic filaments...

  • Natural distressing spounge

    A natural distressing sponge is a wonderful addition to your Plaster Paint Products. You can use the damp sponge by lightly applying the coarse side to pull paint back to give that aged look and the soft sponge side to wipe away any residue.

  • Rymplecloth ~ Buffing Cloth - Qty 2

    I am not Cheesecloth!!! Rymplecloth is a highly absorbent and durable 100% cotton cloth that is the real workhorse of utilitarian fabric with virtually no shedding. The wrinkled and crimpled texture traps dust and dirt particles but the soft finish will...


    Miss Jewel’s Plaster Paint Powder can turn any water based latex paint into rich, creamy plaster paint! You can use any water based, latex, matte paint.   Jewels made from Scratch Plaster Paint® Powder 24oz makes up to four (4) quarts or...